Where do we train?

We train indoors at Bedford International Athletics Stadium every Saturday at 12:30 - 16:30. This is an indoor training venue where we lay down and run on Tuff-Spun mats (anti-fatigue matting).

Our training

The welfare of our dogs is one of our major focuses at High Flyers and our training programme is an important part of our club. As a team we believe that using positive reinforcement methods with the latest and ever developing training techniques is an effective way at enhancing our dogs performances and more importantly reducing the risk of injury.

At High Flyers our dogs are all trained on an individual basis, especially when they are starting out and working on foundation work. We concentrate on breaking down the flyball course and training each part as a seperate excercise. For example here are some of the parts we focus on; motivation, stride, box turns, impulse control, head to head. We do not like to put a time scale on how long it takes for a dog to be trained to be a flyball dog as each dog is very different, however it usually varies from 12 months to 30 months.
Once our dogs are ready to hit the lanes at tournaments they will slowly be incorperated into one of the competitive teams and will usually practise in warm-ups for the first couple of shows. Once they have perfomed well in warm-ups they will then start running a few heats in a team line up at tournaments until everything looks great and their fitness is good enough for full tournament racing. This is the stage where they usually become one of the starting four of team. Although our tournament dogs are up to competition standard we continously aim to improve their techniques at training, striving for them to perform at the best they possibly can. As they say practice makes perfect!